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This Website: New & Greatly Improved

Welcome to the 4th version of the Mota Italic website! It’s been a long and tedious process to get this complete redesign up and running, but it’s finally here. So let’s walk you through the changes.

All New Design

The most obvious change is the overall visual layout and design. The previous incarnation of the site was structured to give equal space to the type foundry, gallery, and typographic shop in Berlin. Now being a primarily virtual company (you can still visit our studio and library in Mumbai, more on this soon), we’ve restructured to give focus first to our fonts, then to our exclusive merchandise and other content.


Another major upgrade is that the site is now responsive! So whether you’re browsing on a giant 4K display, a medium format tablet, or a pocket-sized phone, every page gets an optimized layout.


Images have been significantly enlarged (~2.4x) to give more opportunities to explore details and nuances in our samples as well as to make better use of screen real-estate afforded by high resolution screens.


Last but certainly not least, the site’s typography is all set in Traverse, an upcoming type family. This extensive family of 6 weights and 6 widths has been designed for screen first and is key to the site’s new and distinctive feel.


Type Tester

All of our fonts are available to try out online in our type tester. Go ahead and take them for a spin, have fun, and let us know what you think.



We’ve revised all of our licensing options and pricing. Plus now you can choose to view prices & pay in multiple currencies.


New Merchandise

The current highlight of our new merchandise section is our limited edition collection of organic bamboo t-shirts. They are made from the most comfortable fabric you’ve ever felt, and they come in three designs in both men’s and women’s cuts.


More Coming Soon!

We have several new projects and products to share with you soon. So be sure to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Twitter or Facebook to keep up with the latest news. And between announcements you can eye our Instagram feed for some interesting type finds.