Mota Pixel™ began as small, simple pixel font with simple roots. But it then grew into a monster family containing three weights, loads of typographic features, got tons of layers, dingbats galore, and a bunch more. And it’s all available for FREE!

Designed by: Rob Keller
Intern: Sláva Jevčinová
Published in: v.1 2008, v.2 2016, v.3 2019
Styles: 3 Weights × 37 layers/font = 114 fonts
Scripts: Latin, Greek, Cyrillic
№ of Characters: 3,708 glyphs/font

View the PDF specimen
Licenses from: FREE!

A Peek Inside

The three primary fonts – Light, Regular, & Bold – are there for the bulk of your heavy typesetting. Each font contains a whopping 3,708 glyphs and just about every OpenType feature you could want (& a lot you probably don’t need :P). Mixing and matching the 3 weights and all the various layer styles will gives you a ginormous amount of options for your pixel-perfect designs. Did we mention yet that this is all free?

Mota Pixel Light
The Light’s style is monolinear and reminiscent of an upright italic.

Mota Pixel Regular
The Regular weight has a striking contrast with a 2×1 pixel ratio between the verticals & horizontals.

Mota Pixel Bold
The Bold is chunky, rough, and as heavy as legibly possible for this pixel size.




Pushing Mota Pixel over the top of awesomeness are 37 layer styles per weight. These can be combined in endless ways for fun results.
Mota Pixel Layer Styles Animation


These Puppies Are Loaded

Just because these are free fonts doesn’t mean they’re cheap. All the fonts are jam packed with tons of language support, layer-able styles, dingbats, and OpenType features.


Letter Shapes

There are 5 character shapes for each letter: uppercase, lowercase, small caps, petite caps, & unicase. This applies of course also to the accented characters and the Greek and Cyrillic scripts. Plus there are bonus sets of upper & lowercase letters in black & white circles.


Mota Pixel Letter Styles

Numbers of Numbers

As for the numbers, there are 15 sets! Old-style (proportional & tabular), lining (proportional & tabular), hybrid (between old-style and lining)(proportional & tabular), small caps (proportional & tabular), superscript, subscript, numerator, denominator, numbers in white circles, numbers in black circles, and roman numerals.

Image Alt


There are tons of useful and useless extras: arrows of every sort, symbols, 4 slices of pizza, other food, faces, animals, pixel monsters, plus bunches more.

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Mota Pixel Dingbats

OpenType Features

There’s just about everything else possible to include for features. Besides the letter and number styles, there are fractions, ligatures, contextual alternates, stylistic sets, ordinals… You can totally typeset your entire academic or scientific papers with these fonts.


Mota Pixel OenType Features - sorta.

Check out Mota Pixel’s PDF specimen to see the oodles of possibilities!

Mota Pixel’s Character Set

Mota Pixel

Try Mota Pixel

Building Font Previews

Who needs antialiasing?

What am I allowed to do with the fonts?

Mota Pixel is licensed under the SIL Open Font license, read it here. You can do almost anything with the fonts… modify, subset, convert… Do what you need with them!

What’s included in the download?

You get a fat zip file of 114 fonts. It contains the 3 basic fonts, plus 111 layer files in .OTF OpenType format.

License Mota Pixel


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