Custom Type – Skoda Logotype
Custom Type – Skoda Webfonts, Logo, Interface fonts
Custom Type – Mumbai Rail Map
Custom Devanagari Logo Type – Manubhai Jewelry
Custom Font Extension – German National LIbrary

Since 2008, we’ve created numerous custom typefaces for many esteemed clients. Every scenario requires a special solution and we understand the demands for optimizing bespoke fonts for print and digital displays. We have extensive expertise coordinating complex projects with art directors & engineers from a variety of corporations, design studios, and even other type foundries. Just let us know about your needs and we will be happy to help!

Some of our clients include:

Custom typeface for Audi Custom typeface for BMW Character set extension for the German National Library Custom webfonts for Google Bespoke Devanagari Logo for Manubhai JewelersCustom Devanagari typeface for Mumbai Rail Map Custom typeface for Porsche Custom typeface and logo for Skoda

What We Do

  • Create original type families for screen and print.
  • Add matching scripts to existing designs. We are experienced with Cyrillic, Devanagari, Greek, Gujarati, Gurmukhi, Hebrew, Vietnamese, and several archaic writing systems. For larger and more complex projects we have a network of experts in many other scripts.
  • Adapt existing fonts to optimize legibility for specific displays.
  • Technically optimize and master existing fonts such as add kerning, OpenType features, font naming/metrics data, hinting, and the rest of the internal code of fonts.

A Specific Solution


Type is the strongest component in a brand’s identity, so it’s important to get it right. Often times using an off-the-shelf font will not be the best direction. Maybe it can’t precisely communicate your brand’s identity, or maybe it doesn’t render clearly on your device, or maybe the licensing is simply too complicated and expensive.

Every typographic problem has a solution and when an existing font doesn’t fit, a bespoke typeface can be the perfect answer. The flexibility and nearly limitless options available when designing a new typeface can be completely customized for your required task.

Why is Custom > Retail?

  • We guarantee the final fonts will be both aesthetically pleasing to your tastes and technically functioning flawlessly on your systems.
  • You can be a part of the process during every step. Your art direction can ensure the look and feel of the characters fit with the company’s image.
  • The fonts will be optimized for their required use. They can be fine tuned for your exact printing conditions or screen rendering.
  • The naming can be personalized for your company or brand.
  • There is the option to license the fonts exclusively – therefore no other brand will ever have the same design.


Flexible Licensing

Font licensing can be confusing and quite costly for large corporations. Font distributors will charge for every individual system, product, display, workstation, etc – these costs add up quickly and are often reoccurring over the years.

Our licensing options are extremely flexible. Rights to use the fonts can be anywhere from a few specific uses to perpetual exclusivity. Generally our licenses are pay once and use forever; this avoids any future costs or complications.

When we create a new design, you have the option to license it exclusively. This may be interesting for your company because it means no one else will ever use the same typefaces so your organization will be perpetually typographically unique.

Modifying Existing Designs

Maybe one of our existing typefaces is close to what you need, but you’d like some customized changes. We are happy to make modifications just for you.


Options include alterations like:

  • Adding matching scripts or writing systems
  • Modifying specific letter forms to match your style
  • Generating new weights or widths
  • Optimizing the rendering for specific OEM displays

Let’s Talk!

Have any questions about custom type? Just contact us & we’ll be happy to help!