We have customized a few existing tools to suit our testing and production. Maybe they will also be useful for you as well.

Online font testers: Web-based font testers to proof your fonts:
Latin, Devanagari, Hebrew (Beta)
(Based on Pablo Impallari’s tool)(currently offline)

Indic Type Cooker: Get recipes for inspiration for Indic type sketching.
(Based on the original Type Cooker)

Devanagari Type Design Resource Listing: Our list of recommended books, websites, and tools useful for Devanagari type design.

Lists of words useful for testing type: Random and fun, we’ve made these collections over the years to be used to evaluate your type.

Moar 🔗s To Moar 🛠️s

Software / Plugins

Glyphs: It’s our font software of choice. They have a huge library of tutorials and an active forum to help and answer any questions!

Kern-On: A sweet new kerning helper plugin for Glyphs

RMX Tools: Invaluable plugins for Glyphs that help scale and fine-tune your characters. I’ve saved weeks of work thanks to these plugins!

Online Tools

Font Gauntlet: The best type tester for variable fonts! Thanks Dinamo!

Mass-Drive Workshop: A few super-handy tools:
Overview (inspect font info) & Waterfall (list of words of the same lengths)

Wakamaifondue: Website to test out your variable fonts

Hyperglot: Made by Rosetta, this tool might just be the definitive source for checking for language support of your fonts.

Alphabet’s Tools: Alphabet (the company) offers several tools especially useful in helping to define character sets and test for language support.

JAF Text Generator: Simple but handy website to generate sample text to proof fonts

Type Drawers: Not a tool, but an active forum of discussions about anything type-related.