Brashy™ is the outcome of a bucket of house paint meeting paper via a hand completely devoid of any calligraphic skill. It’s sloppy-yet-still-entirely-legible style gives your typesetting a spontaneous, handmade look, but also offers extensive, fine-tuned typographic controls. You can simply throw these letters at your design with full confidence and they’ll just work thanks to lots of smart code behind the scenes.

Designed by: Rob Keller
Published in: 2014
Styles: 1 Font
Scripts: Latin
№ of Characters: 1,573 glyphs

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Licenses from: €19

Brashy's Flippy Letters

Every character has a minimum of 2 different forms (even those math symbols you will never need in this font), but the main alphabet has many more variations – up to SIX versions of each letter. These are all smartly tied together with our patent pending “Flippy Letter™” code. As you type, the letters automatically change versions in an apparently random fashion. Newly input letters will cause previously entered characters to change in unpredictable ways. Through this feature (contextual alternates), the handmade brushed style truly shines.

Brashy's Randomized Text


Just in case the copious quantity of letters isn’t enough to satiate, maybe the included metaphorical kitchen sink will do it for you. The complimentary bonus materials include tons of swashy characters, goofy dingbats, and practical arrows & tick boxes & whatnot.



A serious portion of Brashy’s giant character set is swash letters. The upper & lower case each have 2-4 alternate swashy versions. (Of course, all accented letters also have funky swashes.) Additionally, there are a bunch of individual connecting flourishes that can be attached to any letter to create your own swashes. Yippie!!!

Brashy's Swashes


Order now & get sixty four dingbats, arrows, and symbols for free! There are two whole versions of each dingbat, for a grand total of 128 individual funky icons to play with & texture your typesetting!

Brashy's Dingbats

Download Brashy’s PDF specimen to see even more of the craziness.

Someone’s brush has been busy…

Brashy’s one thousand five hundred and seventy three glyphs support most of Europe’s Latin-based languages and include stacks of stylistic alternates, scores of swashy bits, and piles of pictorial extras.

1573 glyphs!

Brashy’s Character Set


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Building Font Previews

Now you can type with a brush! Give it a go, you'll like it!

License FAQ


Commercial: This is for general use for most (offline) typesetting. The fonts may be used for just about any print application, including branding, logos, magazines, posters, etc.

Personal: This license is only for individuals who are using the fonts for their own private, non-commercial use. This generally means personal projects for school or home use with no direct or indirect connection to making money. This license is explicitly excluding any use on published materials, branding for business, or for anything with commercial intent.

Student: This discount is valid for current, full time students of any level. The student license remains valid even after graduation, and is allowed for commercial work, so you don't need to worry about re-licensing later.



Our web fonts are distributed as WOFF, WOFF2, & EOT formats. They are licensed per domain and based on the traffic your website receives at the time of licensing. So, if you start out smaller then grow, there’s no need to update your license later. It’s also a one time fee so there are no annual or reoccurring costs.

< 100K pageviews/month: For websites with under 100,000 pageviews per month.

< 1M pageviews/month: For websites with 100,000 to 1 million pageviews per month.

< 10M pageviews/month: For websites with 1 to 10 million pageviews per month.

> 10M pageviews/month: For websites with more than 10 million pageviews per month.



App: This license is for embedding fonts into mobile or desktop applications. The license is valid on a per major version of your app. Meaning, the fonts are always allowed on smaller free updates to your app, but for more substantial paid updates an additional license must be purchased.

ePub: This license covers most digital publishing formats including EPUB, AZW, IBA, PDF, and others. The fonts are licensed on a per-title usage, but they may be used on any number of different file formats for the same title (meaning you can produce EPUB & PDF versions of the same title with the same license). Per-title means one specific book or one issue of a magazine, not a series. Additional titles can be purchased later for only a bit extra.

Additional explanations can be found on our FAQ page.

Or just write to us, we are happy to answer any questions.

License Brashy


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