New Vintage Digital Vernacular Letters

The show will runs from February 1st – April 7th.

See some pics from the Feb. 3rd opening party.

Thanks to digital cameras, smart phones, nearly unlimited storage space, and online social sharing, it is easier than ever to capture, collect, and share images. Particularly exciting is the now relatively mainstream pursuit of photographing interesting found type and lettering. Whether it is encountered in one’s neighborhood or stumbled upon while traveling, there is seemingly no end to unique letters to be collected. This phenomenon is illustrated through dozens of blogs dedicated to found letters, to Flickr’s countless tagged images of type, and by sites like we love typography – currently with 12,000+ curated images.

New Vintage Digital Vernacular Letters is modestly comprised of just under 600 images* from 120 participants from all over the world. These photos depict the letters as shiny and new, dilapidated and old, incredibly beautiful, incredibly ugly, mundane, idiosyncratic, everyday, unimaginable, local, and exotic. The images were shot in more than 40 countries and the variety of letterforms indicates just how special letters and typography can be. If you weren’t already taking notice of the vernacular type all around you, you will begin to after taking in this collection.

Featuring photos by:
Laia Albaladejo ・ Luisa  Baeta Andrey BashkinErik BeckMichelle BeuthlingPhil Bishop ・ Jan Blatt ・ Spiro BolosAmélie Bonet ・ D. Andrew Boss ・ Benedikt BramböckDouglas BrullVeronika BurianKatie CalhoonMatevž ČasJohn CasertaElí Castellanos ・ Ann Cathrin Schmieding ・ Stephen ColesEdgar CuevasDaniilSanjukta DasCarolina DaujotasDave DefourneauxAle Di GangiDraiggCarren Edward Petrosyan ・ Blake Evans ・ Marek Fanta ・ Barbara Fisher Coughlin ・ Martina Flor ・ FutureBoy ・ Sakshi GambhirKimya GandhiKevin GawthropeFalko GerlinghoffJakob GleisberggrantrwSteffen Granz ・ Glen H. Gregory II ・ Frank GrießhammerFritz GrögelYotam HadarFlorian Hardwig ・ Melia Hartley ・ Alistair HenningRalf HerrmannJonas Hoffmann ・ Robert Hower ・ Grant HutchinsonYanek Iontef ・ Sláva Jevčinová ・ Esther JörgensenRob KellerBen KielJulia KliemannKareen Klug ・ Christian Koch ・ Inder kochar ・ Ayşe KongurAtilla KorapJulia Krömer ・ Friederike Kühne ・ Agnese Kušnere ・ Peter Kwiek ・ Jen Langman ・ Richard Lifshey ・ Scooter Lowrimore ・ Erika Mai ・ Rafael MassenaNancy McClureLaura McGregorBart McLeroyJan MiddendorpMissPixelsHendrik MöllerShoko MugikuraNanki Nath ・ Ann Neff ・ Georg Nietsch ・ Maximilian Oehme ・ Little OngHrant H PapazianAlejandro PaulAllison PistohlSven-S. PorstTânia RaposoDan ReynoldsAlex RinkerMeir SadanRiccardo SartoriAlice SavoiePooja SaxenaSebastian SchärferAndreas SeidelJeanette SerratAmi ShahNick ShinnChee SimMichael SonnabendNina StössingerAndreas StötznerLibor SvobodaJulia SysmäläinenThe_BORGAndrea TinnesAdam TroshinFerdinand UlrichMartin WagnerDominik WagnerTiffany Wardle de SousaJürgen Weltin ・ Stephan Wilke ・ Beau WilliamsonFlo WittkovskiDavid W. WoodRainer ZerenkoKerimcan ZeytinSusanne ZippelSimon Zirkunow

A huge thank you to all who submitted images! This would not have been possible without your participation and interest.

*A small note on the selection process: less than half the offered images were selected. The gallery space is relatively small, and there was simply not room for everyone’s photos.