Leaving the Mumbai Typostammtisch

When I moved to Mumbai in 2014 I was missing a type community – especially after the amazing scene in Berlin. At that time, there were no other regular typographic events in India, so starting a small and simple meetup was a no-brainer. And as it turns out, it was a worthwhile experience :)

We are proud of all that’s happened at the Mumbai Typostammtisch. The events ranged from a handful of people visiting our studio to 50+ at local Mumbai bars. Friends were made, advice & feedback was passed around, inspiration was shared, beer was drank… there have been many great times! Due to Covid, the Typostammtisch moved to completely online hangouts in 2020. While virtual hang outs are obviously not the same as in person, they have been interesting in other ways and have made the event more accessible to a wider audience.

If you aren’t familiar with the Typostammtisch concept and/or want to see more stories, check out this post about our 1st year of events.

It pains us to say it, but today we are officially announcing our departure from the Mumbai Typostammtisch organization. We will continue to join the online meetups when possible (there is actually one this weekend). However, if/when IRL typo-events resume again it would be difficult for us to regularly help & participate. We hope you all will keep meeting, sharing ideas & knowledge, and having fun.

We really miss Mumbai and all of you! Although we are no longer physically in India, we are always around virtually – we are just a message away, so stay in touch! When it’s finally safer to travel, we will for sure be back to visit (and/or we’d love to meet you in Berlin)!

Stay safe and keep designing!

Kimya & Rob