Fit is a hyper-stylized design with one thing in mind: filling up space with maximum impact. Fit Devanagari is Kimya’s companion to David Jonathan Ross‘ groundbreaking variable font. Ranging from a ridiculously Ultra Compressed to a shockingly legible Regular to insanely Ultra Expanded, Fit can fit into any space!

Latin designed by: David Jonathan Ross
Devanagari designed by: Kimya Gandhi
Latin published in: 2017
Devanagari published in: 2022
Styles: 10 Static + 1 Variable Font
Scripts: Latin, Devanagari
№ of Characters: 1,272

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Licenses from: €49


Fits Anywhere

The 10 widths expand and compress by an average of 3600% to make use of every bit of space possible. From a few millimeters to a billboard, it’ll fit!

Fit is anchored by its white shapes: regardless of the width, the spaces within and around the letters always remain the same. The thin white lines dramatically cut through the letterforms, slicing them into a mesmerizing network of black and white forms.


Skyline & Ultra Extended widths aside, the Devanagari characters are surprisingly legible. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t suggest typesetting a novel* in any of these fonts, but still, each character was drawn considering every possible option in Fit’s design language to give the highest possible legibility.

* Using Fit for a novel’s cover is highly recommended!

Fit’s Conjuncts

So much has been packed into Fit’s universe. Among the 1600+ glyphs are hundreds of akhand & linear conjuncts. Devanagari’s repertoire of conjuncts was a challenge that ultimately yielded a host of legible and stylistically fitting characters that add to the intricate maze of black and white shapes.

Fit with its variable axis has so much more to offer and you will only know when you play around with it! Go ahead and license it and explore Fit Devanagari!

Download the official PDF specimen to see tons more!

Fit Devanagari’s Character Set

Fit Devanagari

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bahubali बाहुबली

License FAQ


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