You gotta be skinny, but not too skinny, you gotta have curves, but not too curvy, you got to be tall but that’s too tall for a girl… We will always be “too something” if we let others define us. Lini is proud in her own skin and is here to just be—one of a kind and beautiful.

Designed by: Kimya Gandhi
Current Version: 0.4
Current № of Styles: 5
Planned № of Styles: 6 weights + Italics
Scripts: Latin, Devanagari
№ of Characters: 1,183 (more to come)
Current License Price: €65

The Narrowest Devanagari

Lini is a balancing act between style and legibility – typographic form and function. It is about as compressed as possible, for typical medium to large typesetting, while remaining quite legible. So while this design is not intended for setting small text, it is awesome for eye-catching headlines & titles. Use it anywhere from the names at the bottom of film posters to fun graphic tees!

Lini was recently awarded the Certificate of Typographic Excellence by the Type Directors Club 65 in the Single Typeface category!


Stand tall like Lini

Lini is a super condensed contemporary Devanagari & Latin typeface with not-so-regular proportions. The x-height is very large with short ascenders and descenders that are designed to look good for cool headlines or stacked close on top of each other. The Latin characters are low waisted because you don’t always need tall legs to look good :)


Devanagari Conjuncts

The vertically stacked conjuncts in Lini fit the kana height as apposed to descending lower than the baseline. These conjuncts draw inspiration from old Devanagari manuscripts styles (peculiarly Jain manuscripts). The large kana height and the proportions of Lini, make it possible to revive this style in this contemporary design.

Bold is Gold

Lini is now more than just thin & super condensed… it now features five weights (with one more Ultra Black weight still to come). The extreme diversity in these weights gives you some awesome tools for funky designs and easy hierarchical differentiation.

Your Help!

Since these fonts are still in progress, we can easily make modifications and improvements based on your opinions. If you have any thoughts, suggestions, criticisms, etc. for Lini, please let us know! The form is quick and anonymous (unless you share your name/contact).
We really appreciate your help!!!

Beta Updates

v0.4 → Many new weights! 26 October, 2022
3 new weights: Regular, Medium, and a heftier Extra Bold! More refinements to the Latin character set, new Devanagari matras, and a few more icons :)

v0.3 → A new weight! 18 May, 2021
Bold weight! Some more additions to the Latin character set, new Devanagari conjuncts and matras, many other refinements and kerning!

v0.2 → Language Support! 29 September, 2020
Extended Latin character set, new Devanagari linear conjuncts and matras, many other finer refinements.

v0.1 → Initial Release 18 May, 2020
Font contains 437 characters & one weight: Thin.

Lini’s Character Set


License Lini


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