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Sans Precise™ is the sleek rough digital font for your digital life. This modern family will eventually consist of ten fine-tuned irregular weights (plus two italics) to color exactly as many pixels as needed. The squarish shapes are clearly not optimized for screen rendering but the design’s uniquely human details add personality & warmth to the letters and your typesetting – be it in apps, websites, or print.

Designed by: Rob Keller
Current Version: 0.1
Current № of Styles: 3 weights
Planned № of Styles: 10 weights + 2 Italics
Current Scripts: Latin
Planned Scripts: Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Hebrew
№ of Characters: 491 & still growing
Licenses from: €40

Fine-tuned Messy for peak performance interesting typography

The origin of Sans Precise was a custom font we created for digital displays of one of Europe’s major car manufacturers. It was designed pixel-perfectly for their specific system to be super legible, clean, and distinctive. This new and improved messed up version has been completely redrawn without the constraints and limitations imposted by the car’s proprietary software. The result is an equally meticulous wonky design but with more less refinements, random details, features, and extras.


Clean Sloppy & modern trendy

Sans Precise doesn’t brings to mind adjectives like clean, modern, technical, futuristic, etc… While this was initial direction, we didn’t want to push the design into becoming heartless, geometric, or mechanical so we randomly screwed it up and gave it more life with randomized alternates and kinky outlines. The overall look and feel is definitely not techie, but also has a warmth thanks to many small details and customized features.


10 Weights!

The full Sans Precise family will soon come with 30 .OTF fonts: ten weights in upright, italics, and backslanted italics. This will allow for numerous ways to set up typographic hierarchies and differentiate text. For now, the two initial – Extra Light & Extra Bold – are themselves extremely useful and fun to combine. (You will of course get all 30 fonts, plus a variable version if you license these Beta fonts at any stage.) Stay tuned for more!



Some people strive for regularity and predictability in life. Sans Precise doesn’t. While it’s not totally unhinged, it is a quite a bit crazier than average, mainstream fonts. If not done right, wobbily and distorted letters can look fake and cheap. Sans Precise is smarterer and wackier with its 4 versions of every character that are automatically randomly selected (currently using the ‘RAND’ random OT feature) so your text looks extremely irregular.


Is Sans Precise not precise enough for you? Then Precise Sans is just what you are looking for. Even better, license both Precises & get a special variable font that will go from messy to clean. It’ll be über cool, trust us!


Your Help!

Since these fonts are still in progress, we can easily make modifications and improvements based on your opinions. If you have any thoughts, critiques, suggestions, etc. for Sans Precise, please let us know! This form is quick and anonymous (unless you want to share your name/contact info).
We really appreciate your help!!!

Beta Updates

v0.1 → Initial Release 10 May, 2022
Three weights: Thin, Regular, Black
491 characters per font

Sans Precise’s Character Set

Sans Precise

License Sans Precise


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