Pufff Lettering Guide Stencil
Pufff Lettering Guide Stencil Detail
Pufff Lettering Guide Stencil Uppercase
Pufff Lettering Guide Stencil Lowercase

As far as stencils go, Pufff is an obvious winner. It is so fat that it doesn’t have room for counters, so it’s incredibly quick and easy to trace perfectly. Unleash your creativity with this handy set of two Motamatic Lettering Guides, draw and decorate your own pufffy analog letters wherever you like.

The capital height is 3/4 inch (19mm)
The guides are 9.5” × 5.5” (24cm × 14cm) cut from 1mm thick neon orange acrylic

Pufff is also available as a ginormous digital font. Check it out exclusively here.

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