Hours of fun & inspiration can be yours every time you roll the dice! These dice are a physical manifestation of Erik van Blockland’s classic TypeCooker tool. Each roll generates a random set of parameters you can use to practice your letter sketching and help give ideas for new designs. Utilizing the complete set of 8 dice, if my math is correct, there are more than 33 million recipes to be drawn! That’s a lot of possible fonts!

If millions of ideas aren’t enough to convince you, you can also choose from two different color options for your dice: “Extra Black” or “Variable Color”. Both sets have the same dice, the same white screen printed parameters, the same precise die cuts & scores to easily fold and glue the dice (it’s your task to convert them from 2D planes to 3D useful objects). The sets only differ in paper colors. One is minimalist black & white, the other is a cornucopia of beautiful colors (each of the 8 dice were made in every color, the packs are randomly assembled to have one of each – hence the “variable” in the name).

Each pack also comes with a “Recipe Book” that briefly explains what each parameter means, to help you get started.

Maybe you don’t like analog, irl things… If you are more into digital stuff, you can always simply use typecooker.com to serve up tasty typographic recipes.

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