Fip Lettering Guide Stencils
Fip Lettering Guide Stencil Detail
Fip Lettering Guide Stencil Uppercase
Fip Lettering Guide Stencil Lowercase

This Motamatic Lettering Guide features the monolinear, monospaced Fip Light typeface. The stroke widths are precisely cut so the letters can be conveniently traced as a single stroke with most pens or pencils.

• The letters’ capital height is 3/4 inch (19mm)
• The guides dimensions are 8.75” × 5.5” (222mm × 140mm) in 1mm thick neon yellow-green acrylic
• They are etched and cut by high tech amplified light beams!

Fip is also available in a diverse family of 48 fonts. You can see and license them exclusively here.

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