Featuring our new typeface Show Me the Mono, this print was basically created by a cyborg. It is a collaboration between cutting-edge AI technology and the steady hand of a classical trained artist. The story behind it is quite interesting…

It all began with a simple black and white letter specimen. That was then passed through more than 100 rounds (amounting to several days) of AI processing. The computer picked the colors and created the fruit & dog-like imagery all on its own – out of nothing. Intermediate renderings were guided by human intervention (by enhancing or reducing specific areas). The final version is an intricate file of 100+ layers with varying transparencies and maskings. This was then drawn over by hand for an embarrassingly long time (35+ hours) to further define and clean up the outlines. We think the results were worth the effort and hope you do too.

This beautiful and surreal print will brighten up any room and certainly spark interest and conversation from your guests and coworkers. There are two sizes available, you can’t go wrong with either!

The paper has smooth matte finish. It’s quite beautiful!

Prints are available in 10×10″ (25.4cm) and 18×18″ (45.72cm) sizes.

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