India’s diverse culture and mix of religions have lead to a vast number of holidays and festivals. There is the whole range from major national & internationally observed ones (think Christmas) to smaller state, and even hyper local ones.

This calendar showcases the major national festivals of the Saka calendar year 1939 (2017–18 as more commonly referred to by the Gregorian calendar). It’s a true fusion of East and West with its mix of dates, holidays, and scripts. The dating sequence blends two calendars in one, and uses both Devanagari and Latin making it easily readable for everyone.

The calendar comes in poster format with all info neatly contained on one sheet. It’s screen printed in three layers: a 3 color split fountain (red–orange–pink), metallic gold, and white. A big thank you to Pritam Arts for their help – they are probably the most precise and adventurous screen printers in Mumbai.

The dimensions are about A3 (29.5cm × 42.5cm)(11.6in × 16.75in). It ships flat with one discrete fold in the middle.

Last but not least, the inspiration for the calendar was a way to show off Maku – which was released on Gudi Padva. All the text and illustrations can be found in the Maku typeface. Learn more about it here.

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