The Mota Italic Beta Fonts Program is the exclusive outlet to get our freshest typefaces earlier and for less dough! These in progress versions of our newest fonts might not yet be complete, but they are more than ready to be used professionally for your awesome designs!

Why Are We Doing This?

We (as do most type designers) tend to work on multiple fonts at a time. This is great as a creative outlet, and it helps keep our sanity during the tedious phases of typeface design, but it does make releasing new fonts take longer. We have a lot of developing designs and many are actually ready to be used… if we’d just put them out there.

This program not only allows you to be among the first to use these fonts, but it also gives you the chance to influence the design direction. Since they are still being worked on, we can more easily make changes & improvements based on your opinions! You might have special needs or wishes and we’d love to accommodate!

(Having these fonts out in the wild helps give us extra motivation to update & improve them quicker – in theory, we’ll get the final versions out sooner!)

What Do You Get?

The beta fonts will generally start as single fonts with limited character sets. We’ll work speedily to update them with more characters and features, add new weights, widths, and styles to give you even more to typeset with. Licensing the beta fonts gives you access to all updates and the final family.

How Does the Pricing Work?

The initial prices will start low – due to the limited character sets and weights. As more glyphs, scripts, styles, and features get added to the family the price will slowly get higher. But don’t worry, the beta prices will always cost considerably less than the final released fonts – so even if you jump into the program during the last beta version, you’ll still be getting a great deal!

And the Licensing?

These fonts all come with full Desktop Licenses. This means they are mostly intended for print or rasterized images. The license that comes with the beta fonts is our standard, perpetual license so you can buy once and use it forever. If you’d like to use the fonts on the web or in apps/eBooks, you can simply purchase upgraded licenses once the final fonts are released.


We hope you’ll like these initial beta fonts and will have fun using them! This is only the beginning; there’s a lot more to come. The first updates are already around the corner! We’d love to hear your feedback on these – there are comment boxes for each of the beta fonts, or you can always email us with your thoughts. Thank you for your support!

Check out our first 3 beta fonts:

Collection – A rowdy bunch of thousands of unrelated letters.

Lini — The narrowest Devanagari ever with a stylish Latin.

Show Me the Mono — A quite weirdish monospaced design.