TypoLyrics: The Sound of Fonts


Edited by the makers of Slanted, TypoLyrics presents 175 songs typeset with new typefaces. This book is purely visual, typographic pornography; it also happens to feature three of our typefaces. Each page was made by a different designer or studio and consequently demonstrates a wide variety of quality. They run the entire gambit from extremely intelligent, well executed designs to overly literal interpretations and first-year-design-student-calibre work. It is certainly a nice reference when looking for some typographic inspiration or some new fonts though.

Each musical genre is paired with a different typeface style. The serif designs represent the “Classical” section of the book. Vesper sets the lyrics of Händel’s “Hallelujah” and was illustrated by the Berlin-based studio Nepomuk.


One of our unpublished typeface “Unicase Monospace” (misprinted in the book under the name ‘Unicase’) portrays the Techno song “United States of Love” by Westbam & the Love Committee – and was designed by Sonja.


Finally, Rob created a crayon-rendering of Gemma that sets some lyrics from Aqua’s ’90’s Pop hit “Barbie Girl.” For the uncensored version you’ll have to check out the book!


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