Tanja Huckenbeck and Peter Reichard of TYPOSITION invited Rob to take part in the Schrift in Form 2 exhibition in Offenbach, Germany. The show featured thirty-five type designers from all over the world and some of their new work. The show’s theme was “Schriftgenuss” meaning “Type Indulgence”. The typefaces illustrated one of the designer’s favorite recipes—and some of them were to be cooked up by a local restaurant for one of the show’s events.

Schrift in Form 2

September 7-19, 2010

Klingspor Museum

Herrnstraße 80, 63065 Offenbach am Main


Incase you missed the exhibition, as we did, you can check out a few images of the show and events through TYPOSITION’s Facebook gallery and Frank Grießhammer’s Flickr set.