Mota Italic website before and after has just received a new outfit for its first birthday!

We have changed every page in some way (not including adding the new top menu and footer) – some are more radically different than others. Behavior uniformity of buttons, links, dropdowns, etc. has been improved as well as the reworking of the CSS to render better on more systems. The font pages have been considerably expanded to show more samples, details, and information about the designs. We still have additional improvements and enhancements in the works, with some major new features coming out in the next couple months.

We’d like to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who has supported us during our first year! It has passed quickly and we have accomplished a great deal. We’ve been occupied with several long-term projects (many of which are close to completion!); so please stay tuned because we have a lot of new things to share soon!

Finally, it’s a bit late, but we’d also like to thank our Design Nomad friend, Dav(id) Hubner, who was with us last July. He was a big help back when we were kicking off the site’s redesign and a great guy to share the month with. Happy travels Design Nomad!