If you tuned into our Typographics TypeLab talk, thank you! If you missed it, you can watch is on YouTube! (If you want to skip ahead to about 1 hour 8mins when he discussion starts… that’s probably the best part 😁)

Here are some links and more info related to the presentation:

Sharad76 (Free Font) Download

PuLa100 (Free Font) Download
Kimya’s blog post about the PuLa100 Project

CDAC was left off our “modern Indian Type Foundries” list…

Devanagari Type Design Resource Listing: Our list of recommended books, websites, and tools useful for designing Devanagari typefaces.

Kalapi asked us to share some of our favorite metal typefaces and inspirational type specimens… We’ll collect some of those and add them here soon.

For now, you should check out the Letterform Archive who has scans from a Gujarati Type Foundry specimen – which is one of the nicest Indic specimens we’ve ever seen! (We unfortunately don’t have our own copy of this specimen 😭 (Yet!))