We designed these logos as a small gift to India. The numerous designs are completely open sourced and can be used by anyone wanting to proudly show off their products as Made in India!

This post is brief intro to the logos – there is a surprising amount of complexity hidden behind two seemingly simple designs. The logo is completely typographic and there are two general styles to the words: Handcrafted & Modern. One looks traditional and painted with a brush, the other is more techy and future-facing. Each of these comes in many different options… All together there are hundreds of versions! The logos are available as fonts, images, and SVGs so they can be utilized in many different ways and for any size.

The Logos:

Two Stacked Logos

Each can be displayed “Stacked” vertically (above) or “Linear” horizontally (below).

Two Linear Logos

Not only that, but all come in both black and color versions!

Color Logos

Finally, there are size-specific versions to enable the highest quality rendering wherever the logo will be used.

Logo Sizes

This is more than just a simple logo: it’s a flexible & technically advanced system to help instill pride in the goods & objects Made in India.

Much more about these designs and how to use them can be found in the User Guide (or in this PDF).

About the Designs

India is a diverse republic. The population of +1.3 billion people co-exists with a variety of scripts, languages, and local cultures unlike any other nation. There is a continuity of thoughts & traditions that span centuries while simultaneously as a thoroughly modern advancement quickly propelling India to a sustainable and high-tech future.

The concept behind the Made in India logos is that they should be simple, purely typographic, secular, and apolitical. They were designed with many customizable options to make them fit almost any usage case. A “one size fits all” solution will not work when considering a logo that could be applied to any different medias and materials and in any possible shape or size.

It is impossible to distill so many facets into a single image. However, these Made in India logos seek to give form to two facets of contemporary India: preserving traditional hand made skills while also innovating with the latest technology.

This idea lead to the two logo styles: “Handcrafted” and “Modern”. At the core, both logos have the same skeletal structure, but on the outside, one clearly tells a story of the traditional culture of finely crafted work, while the other visualizes the future-thinking, technologically advanced India.

Not every usage case will precisely fall into either the Handcrafted or Modern categories, but most will find one of these appropriate for their needs or aesthetic.

Download & Use

The latest versions of the fonts, images, and SVGs are hosted on GitHub. There you can download any or all of the files so that you can use these logos wherever you need.

If you have any questions or comments about this project, don’t hesitate to contact us!