You are cordially invited to {It’s a Font!}: An Exhibition and Font Release Party for our latest type family »Gemma«.

{It’s a Font!} will be on display at Mota Italic from April 24th – May 26th.

Our neighborhood, Prenzlauer Berg, once a hotspot for demonstrations and alternative lifestyles in East Berlin, has now became a still-hip-yet-quietly-affluent family-safe area. It appears at first glance that most women on this street are pregnant or with a stroller, or both. Baby care specialists, pregnant yoga, birthing classes, pediatric doctors, baby clothes stores, maternity clothes stores, toy shops, and kindergartens have saturated the market. (For more on this see Spiegel, Time, & The New York Times)

Embracing these facts, we’ve collaborated with the schools, daycares, and families to have the children of Prenzlberg help us with this exhibition.

Part product launch, part community outreach, {It’s a Font!} showcases our latest type family Gemma along with the creativity and crayon skills of the neighborhood’s children. In the tradition of coloring books, we printed out character samples of Gemma and distributed them to the parents and schools to have the children decorate. The results are nearly 400 colorful, creative, funny, or simply well-done interpretations of how one can approach the task of adding some color to a normally black and white character.

We’d like to say thank you to the schools and families in Prenzlberg, without whom this display would not have been possible.